Our metal shearing and sawing department includes the following services: shearing, cut to length, blanking, saw cutting and miter cutting. Metal shearing is an accurate and cost effective way to cut sheet metal and plate to size from a larger stock of material. They are used for preparing blanks for stamping and CNC presses. Our shear is rated from Gauge to ¼ Steel and lengths up to 14’. Our shear features a blade gap adjustment which allows us to minimize the burr by precisely adjusting the correct distance between the upper and lower knife blades.

Our large capacity vertical band saw has the ability to not only cut 90° degree cuts, but can miter from 45° left to 45° right .

Shearing Capacity:
Gauge – ¼” Steel @ 14’ Long

Sawing Capacity:
18” x 20” (wxh) @ 90°
18” x 13” (wxh) @ 45°