Abrasive waterjet cutting uses a mixture of high pressure water and abrasive (garnet) in order to cut simple or complex parts made from virtually any material known to man. The only material we cannot cut is Carbide, due to its hardness, and tempered glass that will shatter. Abrams Precision Fabricators has invested in one of the largest machines in the south. Our standard table can fit material up to 6.5’ x 24’ and can cut material as thick as 4”. With special fixturing, we can cut up to 8” thick!

Our Dynamic XD cutting head provides accurate 5-axis motion, capable of cutting compound angles with high accuracy. Our dynamic head allows us to cut 3x faster with less taper than conventional waterjet machines.

In addition to our waterjet cutting services, Abrams is equipped to perform a variety of secondary services such as bending, folding and welding, eliminating your need for outsourcing to multiple vendors. Our one-stop-shop will provide you with reduced costs, shortened lead times and peace of mind.

(Flow Mach 3 2320B w/Hyplex Pump Dynamic XD)

Waterjet Capacity:
6.5’ x 24’ Work Envelope
Mild Steel – 4 “
Stainless Steel – 4”
Aluminum – 4”
Beveling Capabilites